How Everywhere Is Possible Began

accessible-travel-agency- suzanne-murray-great-wall , Our Story 2021-07-01 14:00:39Hi there!
I’m Suzanne, Owner of Everywhere Is Possible

Throughout my 20 years as an Occupational Therapist and Behavior Analyst, I have been committed to empowering my patients to be as independent as possible while enjoying the highest quality of life.

It was on a trip to Turkey that Everywhere is Possible became more than just a good idea…

I met Jacqui, an inspiring Australian woman, who was in her 70s and still going strong!

She was traveling on her own through multiple countries and told me that while she’d like to travel forever, she was concerned her traveling days were coming to an end due to her age and increasing physical limitations. She recently had two recent total knee replacements, and on this trip she had multiple falls.  The fear of falling or damaging her knees was keeping her from participating in local activities that she would otherwise love to join.

An example she gave was a hike in Cappadocia. She told me that she was going to skip it because of her concerns, but after discussing the issue, providing encouragement, and strategizing (thanks to my educational background as an OT), we created a plan to do the hike together.

It took my professional physical assistance and creativity along with her patience, humor, and determination to keep moving that day. But in the end, we saw the top of the mountain! It was on this hike that I realized travel is not something anyone should ever have to give up.  With professional planning and assistance, accessible travel makes everywhere possible!

Since that day, throughout my own travels and travel planning for others, I have researched accessibility and the unfortunate lack thereof in multiple countries. I am committed to combining my skills and knowledge with my passion for others to travel in order to increase global accessibility and create a world where everyone can go everywhere!!

Let’s do this!


About Your Guide, Suzanne Murray

Over the years, I have had the amazing opportunity to work in multiple areas including burns and trauma, pediatrics, orthopedics, traumatic brain injury, skilled nursing facilities, home health care, and more.

In each area, I have been committed to empowering my patients to be as independent as possible while having the highest quality of life. I am so fortunate to have a job that I love! In my time off, I travel internationally often volunteering or teaching in the communities I visit. I have been to almost 50 countries and love every adventurous second of exploring new cultures.

Everywhere is Possible allows me to combine my education with my passion for travel to create a world where everyone can go everywhere!

  • Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology, 1998
  • Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy, 2000
  • Occupational Therapy Burn Clinical Specialist, 2004
  • Scuba Instructor, 2007
  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst, 2013
  • Travel Advisor, Capital Area Travel Leaders, 2020